About E. Ria Designs

Hello from E. Ria!  I am the artist behind E. Ria Designs!

How we live + give matters.  Our purchasing decisions for the items in our life affect the Earth either directly or indirectly and impact all of humanity on some level.  Making better purchase decisions can help improve the condition of our Earth and the lives of those here today and into the future. 

Each item available here at is carefully crafted or curated to have a minimal negative impact on our Earth.  Nearly all our packaging is recycled and compostable.  While we strive to offer goods that are respectful of the Earth and its inhabitants, we can always do better.  We will continue to refine our processes and products to bring the best to you because how we live + give matters

The E. Ria Designs studio is located in the American Midwest.  I hope you find joy in your E. Ria Design, bringing a smile to you or the one who receives it. 

If you have questions or comments, please contact me at