Lucky Wheat Penny Charm, Vintage U.S. One Cent Coin

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A lucky wheat penny charm, created from a vintage U.S. one cent coin with Abraham Lincoln on the front and a wheat motif on the back.  "ONE CENT" and "United States of America" is prominent on the back of the coin.  A sturdy copper ring attaches the coin to any chain other device.  The 1934 coins are silver in color due to the need for copper for the war effort during World War II.  The alloy used for pennies during that year mean the usual copper color is not available.  

MEASREMENTS: 3/4" wide (about 19 mm), with ring about 1" top to bottom (25 mm)

Dates available range from 1940-1958.  Indicate your date at checkout in the message/notes or email preference to  

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